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Facilitation - case study

A company was having workplace issues within a team. One of the team had threatened to leave alleging harassment, bullying and lack of support. The Manager believed it had done all that was required to support this person and was at the end of her ability to deal with the situation. The Manager really didn't want the employee to leave as he was a valued member of the team, nor did she want to face a constructive dismissal claim. We first set up individual meetings with the parties concerned to flesh out the issues behind the conflict. Once everyone was comfortable that they would be safe, listened to and there would be no repercussions, we had a constructive group session. The result was an agreed process and pathway for future relationships in the team. The group discussion provided a safe environment for both the team and the Manager to table issues and concerns that were very difficult to raise without the intervention of an independent third party. That team is now functioning well and no need for any on-going involvement.

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